Wireless Headsets

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Enterprises are shifting to the new paradigm of using wireless headsets configured to desk phones as a way to enhance employee productivity by giving them mobility to perform their jobs more efficiently. Major headset manufacturers build their products based on industry standards to ensure consistency across various operating platforms. Based on the specifications of the standards, operating ranges are calculated.

Wireless headsets connect to any device via Bluetooth or DECT. These headsets can be used in VoIP to communicate seamlessly during web conferences. This is a major step in achieving a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in business communications for many companies. For collaborative or multi-player online gaming, these headsets enable gamers to strategize and communicate freely with themselves.

What to look for in Bluetooth Wireless Headsets
The first thing you should check in a wireless headset is the range of the device. The range will vary depending on the version and the power class. In most cases, a Bluetooth wireless headset will be able to connect to a second Bluetooth device within a range of about 30 feet.

Secondly, Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is an important feature to look for in a wireless headset. ANR headsets use a specific technology which reduces the ambient noise from your surroundings. This is especially helpful in conversations where there is a lot of background noise.

Lastly, you should also consider the factor of Digital Signal Processing (DSP). DSP is a technology that minimizes the background noise and it automatically adjusts your listening volume to compensate.

Wireless Headsets Security
Security for Bluetooth and Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is enhanced across short-range connections. What makes their security more sophisticated is that they are hard to keep track of due to channel hop. Bluetooth systems channel hops 1,600 times per second in a random pattern. DECT technology does channel hopping at irregular times that rely on varying conditions. This makes DECT transmissions are difficult to predict and intercept.

Both systems use complicated algorithms to encrypt the voice transmissions to secure your conversation. Both the systems meet guidelines and regulations for information security. Bluetooth uses 128-bit encryption and DECT uses 64-bits.

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