Winning Halloween Costume Ideas For 2010

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They are just as concerned with being fashionable in front of their friends as they are with choosing the right costume that they are going to love to wear.

This is when things get a little complicated. There's a good chance they could possibly choose something that you do not approve of. Then you have to find a way to reach a compromise so that the girl Halloween costumes that they want are within your comfort level and yet still within the range of the look they were going for.

Halloween is quickly descending upon us. Halloween is many people's favorite holiday and they spend months planning their family's costumes. Some come up with themed family costumes, and others shop around for months trying to find the one perfect costume for their children. This is a commendable task, but there are many of us who are last minute shoppers and find it hard to decide between hundreds if not thousands of options. We don't want our child's costume to fall apart or rip after one wear, but we want it to be affordable and comfortable to wear.

Next there is Tony's right hand man in the War Machine costume. Then we have the Whiplash and Black Widow costumes to round out the blockbuster costume set. What an incredible choice for a group costume theme.

The ever popular Transformer autobots are another top choice for 2010.

The reason for the Transformers popularity is that there are many costumes to choose from. Optimus Prime, the autobot leader, is a top pick. The Bumblebee autobot is another popular choice. Coupled with the Megatron Autobot, and you have quite the trio of Autobot Halloween costumes. The really nice part of all of these is they come in adult, men and women, and well as boys and girls, as well as toddler sizes.

Last, but not least, is the Twilight movie series and the continued popularity of vampires and werewolves. These are really popular with the teens and young adults. With the recent release of the Twilight Eclipse movie, we know that a sexy male vampire or a sexy make werewolves will catch the girls eyes.

No matter which costume you decide on this year, be sure that you include all the extras. No costume is complete without cosmetics and accessories. No matter what, I am sure you will have a super Halloween season with all the great choices available.

Troll costumes are a wonderful choice for your Halloween costume. Trolls are mythological creatures, which are generally misunderstood. It is true that some trolls are reputed to be evil creatures, however they are mostly friendly and funny midgets, who are depicted by the troll dolls which were so popular some years ago.

These dolls are smiling, fat little fellows with big eyes and a very interesting hairstyle. Troll fancy dress outfits center on on the unusual hairstyle which generally means that for many people a wig will be required. Even if your hair is long you probably have no desire to dye it bright green or pink.

These old troll dolls are a collectors item now, and you will see some collections of hundreds all having different hair of bright, garish hues. These troll dolls are found in sizes from an inch or two up to 2 feet or even more in height.

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