Wines, Alcopops & Life, A Real Discussion Of Under Age Drinking

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I must ask this question, when's a suitable time to begin drinking? Every country has their own legal ages, however for most English speaking countries this is eighteen. Whilst there are a few exceptions to the law (If you are sitting with a sensible adult for example you can have a small amount of alcohol) this is the normal age you should be to drink inside a public place. But is that legal age really helping or hindering the issue regarding under age drinking? By putting the legal age so high, a lot of people may argue that this restriction is actually motivating young adults to get alcohol any way they can & consume it in an unsupervised location. This means they have alcohol & no limits, a dangerous scenario to be in. If though they had been allowed to drink it at a pub, their home or any other location where there is a lot more responsible people that could advise them, they may not get into having too much. They could be much less willing to have as much, as the costs in the venues they visit would cost more.

This alone wouldn't be the sole solution however (Although the suggestion above might not defiantly be a solution), increasing awareness with kids an teenagers growing up would certainly also need to be done. Most teens don't stop and take into account the harm they are doing to their bodies, instead thinking it is cool to lose control and end up hung over the next day.

I personally feel changing kid's and teenager's attitude about booze is the best way to beat much anti social drinking, but do not ban it.

Maybe help them learn to drink alcohol sparingly and save the rest in wooden wine racks? Make them work in mailing list companies rather than consuming alcohol.

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