Windows Mobile is Spartan Nature

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In any category of smartphone, windows become much fresh look, much aggressive to other features mobile phones. As compare to iphone class, windows mobile is fresh one approach to the different mobiles interfaces phone. In Windows Mobile 7, every thing is super flat or in two dimensional with has different ultra color squares basic primary keys or lists. Fonts are much obvious look and must clean in bottom surface, where text almost universally black bold blush. As of Spartan nature is emblematic on entire O.S of the phone, for in better or in worse case in windows mobile 7, here you have a lots of option to make your ringtones according to your choice. Now you can create a custom type ringtones, make tone as own choices. As such performance of the cell, it looks different to other comparative handsets.

In windows phone 7, you have find lot of options here, as new feature knows as hub, that it spans on multiple mobile screen, at time you will do lot of work done without closing other applications, you will also do your some other task in your windows mobile phone. the hub made in such form that enable to support easy use of third party application, the main function of hub that provide it to twitter, foursquare, netflix or in facebook much comfortable service. With mobile hub feature, you can do a lot of things in one time; it is basically a simple process, where it connects to other application at any time. As these chatting facilities you will connect any time to your closer friends.

As new application known as live tiles, it is home screen icon in windows phone 7, they updated with fresh look like email count. Windows mobile strikes best balance of any comparisons of the mobile phones, as between the web oriented or in local storages. Here now contact applications type services, you will update all time, as use of facebook or Google beam, you will easy update your all entire profiles, as option available to find your lost phone, uploading photos or note syncing is made up here as free of cost. In windows mobile the core operating system become very popular, or much good in some ways.

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