Windows Mobile Grabs All the Smart Features

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Today, a smart phone captures all mobile markets. It is growing rapidly day to day. Everyone is interested in purchasing smartphone type mobiles because a smartphone is different from other phones in terms of features and exterior appearances. All of these features can play a vital role to place a mobile in the smart category. Many brands make cell phones with a lot of features, but no other type of phone can compare to a smart phone. Windows Mobile has launched a handset known as Windows Mobile 7. This handset contains all the things that a customer might want on his mobile phone.

This new type of smart phone, which does not include only smart phone type features but also contains some extras such as some advanced technologies. It has replaced most of the older features. The phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera in place of the old 3 megapixel one. The 3G has now been converted to a 5G service. Windows Mobile 7 grabs all the essential things, including the latest operating system which includes excellent service and good cutting edges software. The O.S of the Windows phone is nothing like other Windows mobiles. It is simply a mobile device where anyone can get it and access it according to their choices. Windows has launched a new phone model known as the Windows Phone HTC HD 7; it is a new brand of Windows mobile interface.

In the past, Microsoft had little success launching a mobile service because it had some problems. Most people say that it did not support multitasking service. But the company is trying to break out of the mold with its newly launched Windows 7 phone that enables all the features. When customer told about their problems, they also rebuilt the older brand and launched some new feature for the newest Windows phones. The Windows Phone 7 contains all the killer applications. Anything you want with your mobile phone you have on this phone.

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