Wind Power is the Future of Renewable Energy

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The fact is that if you were to open any well illustrated history book, you would find that the use of wind power is nothing new. The technology was first put to use centuries ago to do things like pump water and grind grain into flour, and meal. So then what happened to it?

Oil and coal were discovered. That's what happened to it. Once that happened it was far more easier to produce larger amounts of power by burning both of them in power plants. Also coal and oil were used to power construction equipment, and manufacture concrete for large hydroelectric dams.

So while wind energy is a heck of a lot cleaner, it simply took a back seat in the eyes of big business. Big business operators who had a primary goal to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time, so then what's changed today?

The simple answer to that is that people have finally woken up to the fact that their very existence and indeed the existence of the planet that we all share is at stake. Also at the same time the world is running out of oil and easily accessible coal and that has led to rising prices.

So now it is in fact worth it to switch over to solar and wind power, if you have the money to get yourself set up. Also as it pertains to wind power, it sure helps if you have some wind blowing where you live, and preferably a steady supply of it. So then what are the benefits of wind power verses solar power?

The number one downside of solar panels is that they don't generate electricity at night. You see, comparatively speaking a large solar and wind power generation system cost about the same of have installed. However, it's the electricity storage component that a solar system requires that drives up its cost.

That is that they cost about the same as long as you leave out the batteries that you need to store power. Try to understand that it takes a large number of batteries to store enough power to run a home at night.

Also space is an issue when you compare both types of alternative energy systems. You see, it takes quite a few solar panels to generate enough power to run a home, and the solar panels have to go somewhere. Somewhere where they have direct sun exposure.

A wind generation system only requires one tower though and it also doesn't have the sun exposure requirement as well. Also space has become an issue for large commercial solar power generation plants that require acres of land to set up. Commercial wind turbines on the other hand can be set up offshore.

So all in all, when all facts are considered, while solar power is here to stay and is expected to grow in popularity, it is wind power that is projected to be the dominant factor as far as the future is concerned. In time the electricity that comes into your home will most likely come from a wind farm.

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