Wind Energy is Set to Expand in Coming Years

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How often do you think about where your home or business energy comes from? Is it hydroelectric, solar powered, coal, nuclear, or other in origin? Electricity sourcing could see some dramatic changes over the next few years, as renewable energy shifts more into our day-to-day lives. One of the main types of renewable energy that is seeing growth and exposure is the potential of onshore and offshore wind farms and turbines.

In fact, to the south of Inverness, a development is being planned which could see 55 wind turbines erected; these would supply around 100,000 properties with electricity . The developer is considering community benefits for this scheme, as some people are questioning the presence of wind turbines near their homes. In this particular case, the developer may offer free or discounted electricity for those closest to the wind farm site.

Now the Government has set up a new green investment bank, which is supposed to encourage the investment in wind farms and solar panels . This bank would control £2 billion and will unlock more from the private sector, focussing on green energy and transport development. Out of this money, £60 million would be dedicated to developing ports - mostly in the north east - for the transportation of the turbines for the offshore farms.

Aside from the Government getting on board with the green energy solutions, companies are now also finding the market quite attractive to get involved in. There are now plans for the first ever wind turbine factory, or manufacturing plant, in the UK . This would create around 1,900 green jobs, which could help the economy, and local area where it is built. The plans are to make a special offshore wind turbine which can survive in harsh weather conditions.

So next time you put your kettle on, think about where your electricity is coming from, and where it might be coming from in a few years time. There might just be a wind turbine powering its way to your perfect cup of tea.

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