Will You Ruin Your Full Lace Wig If You Swim In It

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Full lace wigs provide you with the flexibility to do almost anything with it, from fashionable and glamorous hairstyles to working out and even swimming with it. It not only alters and improves your appearance but provides you with ease and convenience compare to that of your own natural hair. These hair systems have become the must have item for people in the entertainment industry. This includes models, actors, actresses, aspiring artists and even dancers. We have seen our most beloved celebrities wearing well applied and developed lace units that have been styled to perfection to enhance its natural appearance. However donít be intimidated by the appearance of their hairstyle because it can be easily achieved in the comfort of your own home.

Wearing a full lace wig can provide you with more time and money in your pocket. How is that possible? Well if they do not come already styled, they can be initially styled by the local beautician so you can easily maintain daily. Secondly and depending on the type of unit meaning if itís a lace front or full lace system, it can be easily applied with the use of clips, sewing it in or through the most traditional and undetectable way with the use of glue and tape. With the use of adhesives (glue and/or tape) you are able to perform rigorous activities and still maintain that natural appearance.

Although it is possible to swim with your full lace unit and continue to reuse it on several occasions, many people still experience a level of insecurity with exposing their unit to either chlorine or sea water. The truth is that you cannot ruin your unit with by swimming with on rare occasions. Such as if you go on a two week vacation every three months, and swim with your unit under the water for 3 days out of the two weeks, and then above the water for the remaining of the trip. In addition, salt water can dissolve your adhesive faster; therefore it wouldnít be beneficial to go under water frequently that is if you have applied your wig with the use of glue and/or tape.

In addition, if you reside in a warm region, then youíre likely to be around or in the beach more frequently, therefore you should keep in mind to maintain and protect your unit in order to maximize its use. The primary rule of thumb when applying your full lace wig with adhesives is to refrain from rigorous activities including swimming for the first 24 hours. This is because your unit still needs some time to solidify and become 100% waterproof. Also, before going to the pool or the beach, you may want to consider these simple tips: Wear a swim cap. This minimizes the absorption of chlorine water. Rinse and condition the hair piece right after contact with chlorine or salt water. Dampening the hair or putting in conditioner before swimming will also help, as it reduces the possibility of chlorine absorption. Most importantly, be patient and treat your unit as you would your own hair to increase its longevity.

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