Will The Real Obama Please Stand Up

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Any president entering into office with a 78 percent rating would be estatic. Everybody around the world embraced Obama. offices in the world. The most recent Gallop poll, found Mr. Obama's rating to be just 53%, for the third That's the fastest decline of any president in the last fifty years.

Why? Obama? Just about a year ago, whatever he touched turned to gold. He could do no wrong.

Well, number one on the list has to be our economy. You can't put all the blame on President Obama. He did inherit most what our country is going through today, but the one thing that I can't understand is that, key people who played important roles when all this mess started, and many say, the President. Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, and Director of the National Economic derivatives market. the Federal government. These markets are not traded on the exchange. Many of Wall Street's top firms carry millions of private contracts, but no transparent records of who is trading what. our recent economic woes many attribute to this dark market, and one more good hit like that again, could be the end of our economy.

That brings us to the bailout funds or as the new word being used by the white house, stimulus plan. Yes this stimulus plan did help out, but who did it help, is the gigantic question? The banks that received it just went out and made a big bunch of money for themselves, gave themselves raises, bonuses, and they did pay the government back with interest. But people are still losing their houses to foreclose at an alarming rate. Unemployment is about ten per cent nationally. Small businesses, which are on new marketing survival mode, these are the backbone of this country, are closing their doors because they can't get a loan from the banks who just received all that bailout.... oh excuse me.... stimulus money from the government! Learning MLM secrets, is not something that is going to happen over night.

The number three on the list is the dreaded health care plan. This was one of Obama's biggest promises of his campaign. He was going to give us a national health care plan. Everyone would be covered, and this plan would be affordable. Since when have you ever heard the words affordable and government in the same sentence? This plan has had so many dips and turns, and nobody can agree or tell you what is in this great plan, let alone, how much it will cost, and who will pay for it? You know who's going to pay for it. I don't have to tell you that one.

Folks, all you have to do is look at other countries who have national health care, like Canada, and see how they are doing. I have some family up in Canada. Why do they always try to come to the United States to get surgeries done here? If there plans were so good and working so well, why do they flock over here for their medical purposes? Why do so many of their doctors come over here to start their medical practices? Do you really want the government to run your health care needs?Talk about Halloween, this is scary.

That brings us to the forth and final one on the list. The war on terrorism. There are going to be elections run in Afghanistan soon, and Al-Qauda has said it will escalate their efforts to stop these elections from taking place. Our military officials in Afghanistan have said that they need more troops and help to squelch this effort by the enemy. This is a pivotal point in our foothold in that region, and what is Obama doing about it?.... Nothing...... He is going to think about it...... Play some golf. It took him six months to pick out a puppy for his kids, do you thing he just going to jump in and make a rash decision on something as important as this? Meanwhile....are troops are dieing. INDECISION IS WEAKNESS!! If you saw your wife or daughter being rapped, would you stand there and think about it? Our enemies are looking at the indecisiveness of our president and they are acting and making plans accordingly. They want us dead. They aren't thinking about it.

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