Will the PlayStation Move Be a Success?

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Sony recently announced that their motion sensing technology for the PlayStation 3 will be called PlayStation Move. Many people has been criticizing it, saying it is a copy of the Wii's controller, and will not be able to match up with Microsoft's Natal. However, there are some features of the PlayStation Move and the PlayStation 3 that can make it a success.

The big thing about PlayStation Move is that it is very accurate to your movement. The Nintendo Wii can already do this, but only if you have the Wii Motion Plus peripheral. This is built into PlayStation Move so you do not have to buy anything extra. In addition, the PlayStation features many hardcore games, which can work out well for PlayStation Move. The Nintendo Wii is mostly casual games, so any hardcore fighting or shooting games is something you might see using Sony's technology, not Nintendo's.

Microsoft also has a motion-sensing technology coming out, called Natal. This appears to be Sony's main competitor in this type of technology as they will both target similar audiences and games. The big difference is Sony's technology uses a wand and features buttons while Natal does not have any buttons and you do not hold anything. Although it does not sound like it, Sony has the advantage here. It is important to have buttons as it can feel awkward using your hand to simulate a gun, or do things where buttons would feel more right to use. In addition, Natal uses up a lot of system resources while the Sony's technology does not.

With PlayStation Move coming out soon, many question whether it will be a success or not, and how will it match up with Nintendo Wii's controller and Microsoft's Natal technology. Judging by the specifications Sony has released, it will be no surprise if it turns out to be successful.

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