Will the FCC and congress be able to make TV companies share all their networks?

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With the economy being in a downward spiral and TV providers fighting over customers the same problems still seem to still go unresolved for years now by the FCC. One of the main things that cable and satellite companies seem to still argue over is the right to be able to only show certain sport networks and channels that they own to their customers only, and not allow satellite customers to have access to those channels.

Even though the law states that cable and satellite companies are not allowed to withhold certain channels they own from other providers. There is a Loophole in the law that allows companies like Comcast to control certain markets like Philadelphia, and other companies to
control markets like San Diego, and certain parts of North Carolina.

By controlling those areas Comcast only allows their customers to view local Sports programming in those markets through their service only. So fans for instance of the Philadelphia Flyers can only watch games through Comcast unless it was a featured game on

ABC, NBC, or an ESPN network.

If The FCC does go ahead and closes the so called " Terrestrial Loophole" then customers in the affected Comcast markets will be able to watch their local sports programming through satellite providers like Dish Network and finally save money.

For Comcast they stand to lose a lot of customers in these major markets who only subscribe to Comcast service to watch their local sports teams. Once it's available through all of the

major TV providers they could see a significant drop in customers in those areas.

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