Will the DS Last as Long as the GameBoy?

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So today we find this thread putting forward by one of our friend, he says that Game Boy lasted for 14 years with multiple hardware upgrades before it was replaced by it's true successor the GBA. So his point is what if Nintendo are planning to keep supporting the DS for as long as they did the GameBoy. All of us get interested in the discussion. Now please allow me to make a summary. Some views might helpful when your purchase DSi.

1. It depends on its rival. The reason why Game Boy(GB) lasted for so many years because there was not even one portable console to be its real worthy opponent. Game Gear, Neo Pocket, Wonderswan and so on, they do exert themselves and get a good time, but at last all of them were just passed-by. So Nintendo kept GB for long time. However, the era of the unique one empire in video game industry had passed away. Sony and MS never give up the idea of challenging the headleader Nintendo in this field.

2. Game console is not only for games any more. I do highly respect Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of GB and producer of Metroid, but his concept about game console needs to modify nowadays. The multi-function is mainly reason of the popularity of PSP (certainly there are also a lot of good games on it). The upsurge in homebrew, mediaplayer, wifi and online shop now is injecting new blood into the handhold console, making a totally different thought of video game entertainment. Nintendo observes it, so it embodies the ideas on DSi. It's hard to dope out when Sony releases PSP-4000 or PSP2 and what new features it would contain. One thing to remember as a video game console developer is to follow the latest fashion and make sense of gamers' taste.

3. Lack of concern to 3rd party game developers. First i have declare i do not make charges of Nintendo. Undoubtedly it is one of the greatest companies which created countless masterpieces during the various periods of video game. But now what's your feeling when you see 8 or 9 games with the brand "Nintendo" on the DS game weekly sales top ten? Where are those memorable name of 3rd party game developers? All game developers should gain not only profit but also more sense of satisfaction from their work, this is what they ought to get. Please forgive me to be explicit about the result, 3rd party game developers' defection from the Nintendo might dim the future of DSi. And if it comes true, DSi might be replaced by its sequel very soon under pressure from its rivals.

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