Will Obama Be Anything More Than a One-Term President

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America is on the bleak, the economy is still sluggish , and the politicians are still bickering back and forth at each other,desperately trying to figure out, what can they do to fix this economic crisis were experiencing.In the not so distant future history probably will read that, Barack Obama after being President for one term ,retires to his mansion in Chicago, pulls out his prayer rug and gives thanks to Alah for allowing him to morally and fiscally destroy us. Flee from the stock market, fell from all paper investments, for the destruction is upon US.
The dreams of Barack, his father and father's father once carried to fruition became our socialist progressive nightmare on Elm Street. This dream of Barack was most dangerous during his waking hours. As President, Barack and his progressive followers worked around the clock to implement his obstructive agenda. The country wished it could awake from his four year nightmare, but it was too late! May God save Israel and US. With Obama, the gifts from Alah just keep's on giving.

It appears that the seeds for the ultimate revenge against Israel and America were firmly planted in the fertile dark Muslim soil of Indonesia. Obama lived there from the impressionable ages from six to ten years of age. He attended a Muslim school and became a regular fixture at a local radical mosque. Barry's favorite course and sermons were "How to Defeat the Infidels." Listed below is a copy of Obama's notes from this time on how to destroy the "Great and Little Satans." He could only dream at this time that he would become the greatest Islamic warrior in the history of Jihad.

1. Force your enemy into financial oblivion with major budget deficits

2. Create a multi generational group totally dependent on the Government.
This Group known as the "Takers" will blindly support your Progressive Agenda.

3. Encourage open borders between the US and Mexico. Accuse any one against this as racist. A country without borders cannot survive.

4. Form a separate civilian defense force as large and well funded as the US Military. This is needed for any successful coup. You cannot trust the military leaders, particularly in the United States to turn against its citizens.

5. Islam says a Muslim can lie or verbally mislead the Infidels. Say or do anything that will give you the advantage. Obama has mastered the art of deception to a point that he cannot distinguish between the truth and his lies. The Progressives hang on and believe his every utterance. Alah is result oriented and will reward one with 70 virgins and a one-way ticket to their paradise for destroying Israel and America.

The Muslim teachings and indoctrination would stay with Obama forever and be critical in his quest for power and glory. It was now the clear path needed for revenge. He must at all cost avenge his birthright and complete the jihad against the "Great and Little Satan" (US and Israel).

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