Will Macs Ever Be More Popular than PCs?

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Apple products now seem to dominate the marketplace with everything from our music systems to, more recently, our favourite books being reliant on their use. So why is it that using Apple Macs is still a far less popular choice than using PCs?

One thing you will always notice about people who use Macs is just how happy they are that they use the computers, whilst people who use PCs are often moaning about their lack of reliability. Yet, PCs still continue to massively outsell Macs.

The reason for this is mostly due to the focus of the two machines. PCs are very much focussed towards practical applications such as word processing and the like, whilst a Mac is a much more creative solution. Due to this, the marketing of PCs has been much more focussed on schools and the workplace than Macs, and therefore people are simply used to using the machines and will usually continue to do so in their personal life.

However, with Apple now being such a recognised name, the tables are turning somewhat, and more and more, people are choosing to use Macs both for business and pleasure. Using products made by Apple for business is actually becoming a far more appealing option and using Apple in education is also far more prevalent with children more comfortable working on these far more attractive and functional machines.

Using Apple for business is also going to save time and money. With almost no viruses targeting the machines, the amount of time you save not having to engage IT support or correcting corrupted files will be immense, whilst using Apple in education will help students far more than PCs simply due to their vast scope. And with more and more people wanting to back up their iPhones or iPods, there is a good chance that before long Macs might just well be the most popular choice at home and in the workplace.

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