Wigs: Affordable and Effective Non-Surgical Hair Replacements

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Have you ever heard of alopecia? Alopecia is more commonly known as male-pattern and female-pattern baldness. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair follicles to separate from the scalp. As a result, hair loss takes place. The scalp loses minerals and the strands lose moisture and luster. Alopecia is both hereditary and natural. It is caused by three factors: hormonal changes, aging, and family history.

Hair is one of the most useful parts of the head. It covers the head from the sun and rain. It serves as a shield against the sunís harmful UV rays. Hair is also one of the significant components in fashion. Artists style hair to reflect oneís personality. In the modern age of science and technology, alopecia does not hinder the aesthetic and functional purpose of hair.

Nowadays, there are hair replacement tools and techniques for hair restoration. There are medications that bring back nutrients and moisture to the scalp. There are surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures available. Surgical hair restoration involves the implanting of hair on the scalp. In non-surgical procedures, people use wigs and hair replacement systems. Most people prefer non-surgical hair restoration. These are less harmful and provide similar results with surgical hair restoration methods.

Wigs are the most commonly used hair replacement tools. Wigs are synthetic hair structures. They have two components: the wig caps and wig strands. Wig caps serve as artificial scalps. They hold all hair strands in place. Most manufacturers use plastic for wig caps. Plastic wig caps are clipped on remaining hairs. Some use adhesives to attach wig on the head. Wig caps of wigs like Estetica wigs tightly attach the wig to the head.

Wig strands determine the type of wig. There are two classes of wigs: synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are comprised of machine-processed hair strands. These wigs are composed of a combination of human hair and animal hair. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, contain only human hair. Natural human hair is securely woven onto the wig cap. Human hair wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs. Specialized human hair wigs like Estetica wigs are customizable.

Non-surgical hair replacements are less expensive than hair implants. Typically, synthetic wigs may cost up to hundreds of dollars. Human hair wigs, such as Estetica wigs, are usually more expensive, with price tags that may amount to thousands of dollars.

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