Wifi radios and internet radio player

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"Wi-Fi Radio is device that allows a person to play or receive music with the help radio stations or online music services via internet. Compact discs were used before when the compression of the audio files were not developed. The uncompressed form of audio files was written on compact discs. It is impractical to send large uncompressed music files through the internet or upload to any music player.
With the introduction of music players and other portable media players and the possibility of compression and conversion of the music file into the computer recognized format ,almost all forms of music are now being digitalized and stored as audio file on computers. The different types of music formats are MP3 WMA, Real audio and AAC. So many other ways to compress music files are also possible. However, all the digital compressed audio formats would now be generally called as MP3. Compressed music has its advantages. storage and carrying around is easy. We can store a large amount of music. Transfer of files via online which are compressed is easy compared to uncompressed ones. Songs could be tagged and easy to search and find. Sharing among others is easy.

Before a decade, when MP3 files were getting its popularity, music was played with the help of software's installed on a computer. While the computer could play , store and receive music, it was never intended to provide the quality of a real hi-fi system.
To provide the real music experience docking system have been introduced therefore, to provide a better sound quality music. But unlike the computer which could store large number of MP3 music at home, the MP3 players have less storage capacity to store the entire music collection.
One solution is the network music player. Through this, the network music player is connected to a home wireless router. This router is also in connection with the computer and the home network. With the help of wireless connectivity, the network music player could access music files from the computer, or from the network attached storage (NAS) or from the internet radios and other online music providers.
Network music players should have an internet (preferably broadband) connection: an Ethernet, Wi-Fi network interface, with TCP/IP support to access to the Internet. USB ports where pen drives and MP3 players could be connected for MP3 files. LCD display with remote. Built-in speaker, or AUX-out port, to connect to large speakers. Rechargeable battery with inbuilt charger. Card readers like the SD or SDHC.

"We are having high quality wi fi radios and internet radio

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