Why Your Business Needs An 0800 Number

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In today's business climate, nothing is more important than getting your name out there to potential customers. Freephone numbers, better known as 0800 numbers, are effective ways to prove that you are business-minded and willing to make a commitment to your client base. There are a variety of benefits to 0800 numbers that can help you rapidly expand your customer base.

Whether your business is a large chain or a small office, 0800 numbers will show that you have an air of professionalism. Having one of these numbers shows your customers that you care, because you are willing to pick up the bill for your clients calling you, so customers will know that you are not going to waste their time by keeping them on hold. Even better, freephone numbers tend to drive call volume up; some studies have estimated that marketing campaigns involving freephone numbers can increase calls by over 50 per cent.

You can also have vanity 0800 numbers where you choose the number that customers use to contact you. This means that you can pick out creative numbers that will stick out in customers' minds. A memorable number creates a branding for you that is irreplaceable. Customers will be more likely to recall your number when they are thinking of the line of service you are in, thus making them more likely to call you instead of a competitor.

Best of all, 0800 numbers are now cheaper than ever. The cost of having a freephone number has declined sharply in recent years, so there is no better time than the present to make sure that customers anywhere can reach you whenever they need to. The decrease in price means that you can free up resources for other allocations; for example, nationwide marketing campaigns to get your company's name out to the maximum number of potential customers.

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