Why you will never get a free iPad

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There have been some common criticisms from some users with regard to the ipad's performance and features. It should be noted that besides the criticism of the ipad's performance and features the electronic gadget's name has also been free ipad criticized by all the users. Most of the users have criticized the name ipad referring it to a pad which also refers to the sanitary napkins used by the women all over the world. Hence this has made some of the women protest against this name and it should be noted that some of the women have also noted that they will not purchase the product.

What's the surest sign that the iPad is the world's hottest tech product right now? It may not be Steve Jobs telling us it's magical and revolutionary, or the avalanche of coverage on tech blogs. Maybe it's the arrival of cheesy ads that dangle free iPads in front of people-almost two months before the gizmo even goes on sale.

A lie will sound like this: "Claim your free iPad now, and be one of the very first people to own the latest gadget from Apple."

An empty promise will sound like this: "The Apple iPad is set to revolutionise the (PC) Tablet in the same way as the iPhone changed the simple mobile phone, and you can own the iPad for free - just by following my simple guide."

Now there is something you can get for free, in this post we have compiled a list of great resources, that teach you how to create your own iPad icons, as well as a collection of ready made icons and PSDs. To download the files, please click on the preview image to go to the source site and remember to check the terms of use before using them in your projects.

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