Why you shouldn’t read online product reviews?

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Every time a new product is launched, the web is filled by tons of reviews of that new specific product. Numerous online product reviews websites invite Internet users to sit and write reviews of the products, items or goods they have used. People share their experience whether good or bad by writing and reading reviews. There is no dearth of persons who go through reviews to decide whether they should buy a particular product or not. Simply put the product reviews make or break public opinion regarding various products. Probably this is the reason of product review sites being so popular.

Product review tells us about the advantages as well as shortcomings of a various products available in the market. One read public opinion on consumer goods, electronic items, electrical supplies and even medicines and vegetables. There are many sites that publish online product reviews in different categories and styles. But not all the websites are trustworthy or respectable. Also it is very hard for an average person to differ reputable product review sites from the rest. If you are reading reviews only to select quality products available in the market then forged reviews can mislead you. Instead of going through all that is written in the name of product review, visit the site that sells product with more than hundred positive reviews on reputable sites. It is very simple. Isn’t it?

Of late manufacturing companies have started using online product reviews websites to advertise their products. Manufacturers have understood that people rely heavily on these reviews and make decisions on the basis of reviews. In order to manipulate the public opinion in their favor, manufacturers ask their marketing professionals to write positive reviews about the products they make. An average person can’t differ between a false review and a genuine review hence he falls prey to the marketing strategy and buys a wrong product.

People read reviews to arrive at a decision regarding a particular product. Reading tons of words could be tiresome for anyone. In addition it is time consuming. The smart way to buy good products is to visit the store which offers products with hundred plus reviews on reputable online product reviews sites. Such stores are unique in nature because they sell only selective products that are time tested by customers across the globe. You have both the options – read reviews prior to buying products or buy products from a site that sells products recommended by people.


Bruce Thomrts is an expert who helps people buys the right product with positive feedback received from consumers just like you. The author strives hard to show consumers the best reviewed products.Online product reviews.

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