Why You Should Use Salon Software

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Salon software works on two levels. On one hand it helps with the nuts and bolts work what has to be done to keep your salon running such as maintaining stock levels and taking appointments and does it faster than you ever could in salon marketing. On the other hand it helps make your salon or spa even better, by boosting client numbers, client retention and average spend with marketing functions, loyalty schemes and online booking.

Below is a very quick checklist of some of what salon software can do for you.

- Easy Day To Day Management. The software system lets you take appointments; keep a good client record system; manage gift vouchers, discounts and promotions; control stock; manage staff and other resources and set access levels for how much each member of staff can do/access on the system in salon marketing.

- Exceptional Customer Service. The software system lets you record a superior level of detail to build up a great client profile, and use this to make clients feel special. So for example you might be able to serve their coffee exactly how they like it, enquire how their recent holiday went or ask how their new baby is doing.

- Never Lose Your Data. Salon software backs up all your data daily, so regardless of any misfortune fire, robbery etc your software makes it possible to start again immediately, but not from scratch. All of your info is safely stored, ready for use again when you are.

- Grow Your Salon. It has a marketing function to help you send out SMS and email promotions to spread the word and grow your business. White space in your appointment book can be dealt with quickly and easily in salon marketing.

- Cut Down on No-Shows. Reminder texts sent automatically from your salon software system means your customers will never forget about their appointments and you end up with way fewer unexpectedly blank slots with no time to fill them.

- Online Booking. Online booking makes it easier for you to get bookings at all hours of the day and night. Only available booking times are shown to potential clients and bookings are automatically added to your diary system. No receptionist? Customers having problems getting through to you on the phone? No problem!

- Loyalty Programs. Loyalty programs are another way of strengthening your relationship with clients, as well as attracting more. Salon software systems have clever loyalty systems built in to increase loyalty without losing you money.

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