Why You Should Pick A Bronzing Lotion

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A good quality bronzing tanning lotion can be used to speed up the tanning process and deepen a base tan.

With the selection of tanning lotions available today, there is no reason not to keep your golden tan all year round. But unless you're very knowledgable about tanning lotions, it's easy to get confused by the variety of products in the market place. Bronzer lotions are a good lotion to investigate.

Bronzer tanning lotions are all different from each other and each lotion has its own unique blends of vitamins, bronzing agents, fragrances, and sun protection. Here are a few points that you should consider when picking a bronzer lotion.

- Smell - Pick a lotion that you like the smell of.

- Consistency - Some lotions come out of the bottle thick like syrup. This makes them hard to spread on your skin and ultimately cause your tan to look somewhat streaky. Find the right consistency, not too thick and not too thin.

When used as an accelerator, the lotion will generate a darker tan in a shorter period of time. This is a safer method than tanning outdoors in direct sunlight. It will lessen the exposure to harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of skin damage. An accelerating bronzer produces results within a few hours of application.

A bronzing lotion that is used to intensify an existing tan will create a darker look in just one application. Unlike a regular tanning lotion, a bronzer magnifies a base tan and gives the skin an extra layer of color.

Each bronzer lotion is formulated differently, and each lotion works in a different way. Some lotions are considered cosmetic bronzers, because they only color the surface of the skin. These self tanners actually dye the skin and will wash off quicker than accelerator lotions. Other bronzers will color the skin chemically and these last longer than self tanners. These bronzers may be mixed with ordinary tanning lotions or accelerators. Some lotions might have ingredients that cause a slight tingling sensation on the skin. These are called tingle lotions and should not be used by beginner tanners as the sensation might be alarming to someone who is not used to it.

A common ingredient in many bronzers is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. When DHA touches the skin, a chemical reaction occurs and the skin turns bronze. Several applications of bronzing lotion will deepen the effect and produce a richer, darker result.

It is important to apply a bronzing lotion smoothly. Many lotions produce an orange tint on the skin if they are applied unevenly and some will even streak. Self tanners can take up to eight hours to penetrate the skin, so it is essential to wait the suggested amount of time between applications.

A bronzing tanning lotion may also be used as a quick fix or part of a continuous tanning regimen. A good quality bronzing lotion will give the skin a warming bronze glow and create an exotic, sun kissed look. The use of a good moisturizer is recommended as paart of your after tanning routine.

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