Why you should love your Blackberry softphone

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When you get a Blackberry you are probably all excited about the fact that you will be able to send and receive emails from your cell phone, read files attached to those emails and surf the internet, but you may not even know how your Blackberry can save you money on cell phone calls, as well as allowing you to make calls from your phone just as you would at any other time, but without using the cell phone network of signals. It can be done and this capability, offered by a Blackberry softphone, will let you stay in touch and in the loop long after everyone else has given up on their useless cell phone because there is no cell phone signal or because the cost of making and/or receiving a call is just prohibitive.
A Blackberry softphone may be a foreign concept to you, so I will explain it here. A softphone is a piece of software that lets you make and receive voice calls over the internet, without needing an actual telephone. This can now be applied to a Blackberry, hence the term Blackberry softphone, so that you can make calls as usual from your Blackberry, but using the internet instead of the cell phone network. If you know how much your cell phone minutes cost you, you will be able to see that this is a very good thing, since cell phone minutes can get very expensive, especially if you get drawn into one of those conversations where time ceases to mean anything and it's only when you hang up that you realize you have been on the phone for an hour and a half.

Apart from the ability to reduce your cell phone call costs at home, a Blackberry softphone can save you even more money when you use it abroad. Usually using your cell phone abroad is prohibitively expensive - you are charged just to receive calls, let alone to make them and the overall charges can be huge, especially if you really do need to keep in touch, regardless of the price you have to pay. With your Blackberry softphone you can use the internet to send and receive calls for exactly the same price as you would pay back home, even if you are halfway round the world from your home country.
Another fantastic benefit of your Blackberry softphone is that even when there is no cell phone network signal, wherever you may be, if you have a Blackberry softphone and you are within range of a wireless internet connection, you can use that connection to access the internet and make calls using your Blackberry softphone without the need for a cell phone network signal. This way a Blackberry softphone lets you stay in touch if you have access to a cell phone network or internet signal. You won't always have both, but you will very often have access to one of the other, so that if there is an incredibly important call that you absolutely must make or receive, your Blackberry softphone will let you stay in touch.

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