Why You Need Professional Cleaning After a Crisis

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No matter how you prepare, no one expects an emergency or crisis to affect their lives. However, circumstances occur and you may find your home in a state of chaos and disrepair due to any number of events. Weather is often the cause of flooding and fire, vandalism can create exterior damage, and human error could trigger any number of problems. While safety should be the first concern, following the event you will need to clean the damage and return your space to its previous condition. Relying on the services of a restoration company will ensure each of the steps is done completely and competently.

Plan Ahead

Families and businesses can expect to fare better in a crisis if they have an emergency preparedness plan. By simply being aware of what could happen and how you will react can save time and money following an event. A rehearsed plan also helps ensure the safety of those affected by the emergency. Take time to consider the various types of emergencies that could affect your home or office, and design a plan of action, should the unexpected occur.

Once the crisis has passed and everyone is safe, you will be faced with clean up and restoration issues. While a lot of families may want to tackle the clean up themselves to save money, it is advisable to contact professionals for assistance with this initial step. Professional restoration companies assemble a team of experts who have the ability to handle the event from beginning to end. They have the ability to test for hidden problems, so those using their services will know their environment is thoroughly clean and risk-free. They rely on the work of environmental hygienists, who have the ability to measure and identify toxins in the air supply as a result of the crisis. They will identify the potential for mold and mildew growth, preventing further problems from occurring down the road. It is also important for homeowners to realize certain damages create odors that penetrate building materials and furniture. Professional teams clean away odors that have penetrated materials, ensuring the environment is truly clean and not just "surface clean."

Hidden Problems

Homeowners should understand the importance of air quality. It can mean the difference between good health in the home, and a sickened living environment that can eventually lead to serious problems. Following a disaster or crisis, air quality may suffer. While you may be able to clean the visible areas of the home, the duct system will need professional evaluation and cleaning. The damage that may be caused in air ducts following a crisis may go unseen by the untrained eye. Professionals ensure the duct system, considered the "lungs of the house," are clean and able to provide the movement of healthy air throughout the structure.

Mistakes homeowners make during the clean-up phase of can lead to issues down the road. If you do the clean up yourself and then use professionals for remodeling or other parts of the restoration, you risk jeopardizing warranties they may offer. If you have done an incomplete job during clean up, it can create unexpected problems. For instance, if you have cleaned surface mold, and later you find mold growing on upgrades and repairs, you do not have the warranty of a professional mold removal service to rely on.

There is also the issue of dealing with dangerous or toxic substances. While you may have the ability to clean something thoroughly, without the appropriate knowledge, you may find the problem worsens, and even more dangerous. Many chemicals change when exposed to fire or water. Others may not pose a threat until you begin working with them and disturbing the area around them. By using a professional service, you can rest easy knowing the materials are being dealt with safely. Not only will the process be safe, the environment will be left clean and healthy following the treatment.

Choosing a right company means you will be working with trained professionals from the beginning of a crisis clean up until the very end. You will find their years of experience providing peace of mind when you need it most. Your family will be safe and your home will be as good as new following their work. In instances that they are unable to handle a cleanup and restoration on their own, they call on their team of expert professionals who are able to provide the specific services needed to remedy your problem. Protocols are important to follow and many are willing to work with other subcontractors to ensure expertise. While nothing can ever leave you totally prepared for unexpected crisis, planning and calling on a reputable, professional company will ease the burden of emergency clean up.

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