Why Web Developer should coordinate with web designer to create an effective website

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Today internet has become an essential part of human’s life where we are using it for various house hold purposes like shopping, booking the tickets, taking appointments etc… These are all has become simple with the usage of websites providing all these services. These websites are done by Web developer with the help of web designers but what most of the people think is that only developers are behind the development of successful business. Both should work together with proper communication if the website should take a proper shape and look and feel. So let see what their roles in the development of the website are and why they should communicate each other in every stages of the development activities.

What a designer do?

Web designer is a one who will create a part of the website which the customers face everyday. He is always concerned in providing unique look for the website by providing attractive colors for the pages and also for web elements. When the design part is good, customers love to play on the website by having various navigations. A good designer should have designing principles handy to create a website with unique look. They also play a very important role in placing the web elements in exact places where customers prefers to have handy for easy navigation and interactions.

What a developer do?

Developers in Web Developer India plays a very important role in giving the functionality for the website. When the designer gives importance to how the site looks like, developer will give interest on how the website functions or works. A customer with any requirement landing on the website should get the work done in very less time. He is the one who will write the back-end code for each and every web elements for their functionality. A good Web developer should have very good knowledge on the PHP coding and CGI programming to make the web forms more responsive. He should be more concerned on what should happen after clicking a button or when a particular page should show up for the customers etc… So for effective website both developers and designers should work hand in hand.

When they should start communication and when they should stop?

Website development India has developed a very good development process where designers and developers will start to act together from the start of the project and works together till the successful release of the website. As soon as the requirement is obtained both will sit together and the designer will see how many pages should be designed and what are the pages should be linked together and through what web elements. He will also decide on the web elements to be displayed in each and every page and tries to give a same color combination for a web element present through out the website which is a standard to be followed in designing. He will create prototype for all the web pages and web elements and will transfer them to the developer. In the mean time he will spend time on creating or editing the images or logos for the website. The developer will write functionality code for every page. He will write code for each and every web element present in every page. He will make sure that a customer landing on the page will never land on the blank page. After full functionality is developed it will transferred to designer to place images and logo. In the same time developer will be unit testing his own code. Once both are done the website will be given for testing team to find breakages.

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