Why VCI Packaging And VCI Paper Products Are Crucial in Spring And Summer Months

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Although it’s recommended to use VCI packaging protection for metal parts year round, warmer temperatures and high humidity cause parts to be more susceptible to corrosion and rust. Metal parts manufacturers should rely on the proven effectiveness of VCI paper, VCI bags, and other type of VCI packaging in the warm, humid months of spring and summer for rust and corrosion protection.

During the summer months, your parts may be packed away indoors at room temperature, but when shipped by truck, parts are subjected to high heat, and humidity. When delivered, the parts go back indoors to your customers and they are placed back in a room temperature environment. Temperature fluctuations or humid environments cause condensation, which will cause your metal parts to rust and corrode. VCI packaging, VCI bags and VCI paper products are crucial for the prevention of corrosion and rust, even in difficult climates.

You can’t always anticipate how your customers will store your parts or when they’ll use them. Should they be shipped in March or April, they may end up on your customer’s shelves in July or August and during that time be subject to higher temperatures and humidity. VCI bags, VCI packaging and VCI paper products will preserve your metal parts during long stretches of time and in varied environmental conditions, preventing rust from forming.

We encourage you to use VCI packaging, VCI bags and VCI paper products year round—not just in spring and summer seasons alone. It’s a good habit to get into. VCI paper and VCI bags are easy to use and require very little labor, as parts can be simply wrapped up in VCI packaging or placed in a VCI poly bag. Once in the protection of VCI, your metal parts will remain free of corrosion for years. Do not ship metal parts during the summer months without VCI protection—VCI packaging and VCI paper products are crucial for protecting parts all year round.

Rust and corrosion contribute to waste—waste of metal parts means wasted money for both businesses and consumers. VCI packaging and VCI paper products prevent rust and corrosion, both of which are unsightly and can weaken the structural integrity of parts, causing them to become unsafe or unusable. VCI bags, VCI paper, and VCI packaging have no harmful VOC’s and are effective in inhibiting rust. Rust preventative bags are pre-coated with a rust inhibiting chemical which migrates onto the parts metal surface, effectively preventing oxygen and moisture from corroding and rusting parts. This means less waste, no part failures, no mess, and no danger to employees. Learn more about the many advantages of VCI paper products, VCI bags, and VCI packaging.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Green VCI. Contact a VCI packaging expert to provide you with the expertise that is necessary to use and apply VCI products correctly. You can learn more about VCI packaging and VCI paper by visiting web site.

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