Why Using A Prepaid Cell Phone Service Is A Better Idea

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Using a prepaid cell service is always a better option in comparison to using a post paid one. Read on to know about various advantages of a prepaid cell phone services which give it a clear edge on the post paid cell phone services.

Both prepaid and post paid cell phone services have their own sets of advantages. But a look at the benefits of using a prepaid service clearly indicates it to be a better option than a post paid one. Availing a prepaid cell phone service exposes you to certain crucial advantages that make the overall use of the service to be more cost-effective in comparison to that of the post paid service. Besides, availing a prepaid cell phone service helps you avoid certain hassles that you face while subscribing to a post paid one.

Some key benefits of prepaid cell phone services

Ability to keep a track of, and thus restrict, the talktime cost

In the prepaid service, you can keep a track of the costs. Whenever you want to find out your balance, you just need to dial a code or make a call and the system will provide you with balance. However, in the case of a post paid service, you are unaware of the talktime usage. You just keep on making calls and, at the end of the month, you are surprised to get the huge bill, which you often find difficult to pay.

Freedom from the baggage of any long term contract

You need not sign any contract with the service provider when you subscribe for a prepaid cell phone service. In the case of a prepaid phone, you just need to purchase a phone and begin using it rather than signing any kind of contract. Rather than waiting for your bills to mount up, which you get at the end of the monthly cycle, in a prepaid phone, you can get your phone recharged any time you want.

No credit check

Unlike in the case of a post paid service, you do not have to deal with a credit check when using a prepaid one. This is a great advantage if you do not have an appreciable credit history. While a non-appreciable credit history disqualifies you for a post paid service, and also embarrasses you in the process. If you opt for a prepaid service, you are free from all those hassles. In fact, even when you have an appreciable credit history, you may nevertheless find it an unwelcome formality.

No deposit/monthly rental fee

You need to deposit a certain amount of money while subscribing for a post paid service, which adds to the overall start up cost. Opting for a prepaid service saves you from this cost. Then there is this monthly rental fee that you have to pay while availing a post paid service, a cost which again adds to the monthly cost. This is another disadvantage of post paid service that you can avoid while availing a prepaid one.

No cancellation fee

In the case of a post paid cell service, you need to pay a cancellation or termination fee while discontinuing the subscription. It is something like a 'penalty' for discontinuing the service. In fact, it is your prerogative whose services you want to avail. It makes no sense paying a penalty just because you want to discontinue with the service. This is another factor in which prepaid service scores over the post paid one, with no obligation existing in the case of the former.

Therefore, at the end of the day, we can confidently conclude that prepaid cell phone service is much better than post paid one. So every time you go for a new cell phone service, make sure that you choose one from the various cheap unlimited cell phone plans offered by the prepaid service providers.

The author is currently associated with Page Plus Unlimited, a prepaid cell phone service provider in the United States known for its quality services.

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