Why Urban Areas Should Build New Highways

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Highways are beneficial to cities because they provide a way for large amounts traffic to move quickly without the need to stop for intersection lights. However, there are times when new roads need to be built. Some of these reasons have to do with safety, and others have to do with the desire to alleviate traffic or provide more convenience to city residents. It is important for cities to adapt and update their road systems to make sure they are safe and can accommodate the citys population. City planners and civil engineers should consider all of these potential reasons before making a decision about whether to launch a project involving the construction of an additional highway.

Structural Damage

Some city highways date back to the time of the original interstate system, which was launched in the 1950s. Over time, these highways can experience damage due to the weight of the cars and especially large trucks with heavy loads pass over them, deterioration of the original concrete and due to the weather. If cities allow these roads to fall into severe disrepair, there can be traffic accidents and structural failures, such as the collapse of the highway altogether.

Adaptations to Traffic Pattern Changes

Sometimes the bulk of traffic changes the direction it tends to go. This can depend on many factors, including the rise of neighborhoods within an urban location, new shopping centers, new sports stadiums or new businesses coming into town. When these new attractions make their way to the city, the commute patterns are likely to be altered, because there may be an influx of cars heading to or from places other than in the older, inner-ring areas. An additional highway may be useful in this instance as well due to the need for a quick way to get to the places that are drawing the citys people over to a different part of town.

Crowding on the Current Highways

One of the things that urban locations are faced with frequently is traffic congestion. When traffic congestion occurs, it can lead to accidents, both major and minor, especially during inclement weather, and difficulty for the residents when they want to get from place to place. If the current roads are too crowded, leading to consistently long backups and delays, the city has likely not expanded its road system to meet the needs caused by its increase in population. It is a good idea to build additional roads to deal with the traffic, reducing the overall congestion on the streets and leading to happier residents.

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