Why The Mother Is A Childís Favorite Teacher

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In a family, it is the mother who is eventually associated with the role of being a good home builder than the father, who on the contrary is often associated with the role of being the protector and bread winner. Yes lots of things have changed in todayís world and motherís especially single mothers are also playing the role of a bread winner. But that doesnít surpass the fact that mothers are basically meant to be family builders. It is a motherís responsibility to ensure that the family is well and will do all within her means to perform her house hold duties and teach her children the manner of living life morally and well.

The mother is the one who balances the family in terms of providing the children with both secular and spiritual lessons that they could learn from life. A natural teacher, mothers usually pick on the fine points of life and make sure their children have strong foundations built. Todayís mothers maintain a feasible level of gender discrimination, but boys are taught to do the dishes and mop the floors while girls are taught car driving. According to a mother, Physical work was essential to prevent the mind from becoming idle.

Mothers encourage a daily reading of the scriptures apart from prayer to deepen the childís faith. Not all mothers are role model for parents in todayís world. But the prime of all these activities is a mother teaching her children at home: whether itís the homework, or the teaching of moral values. Reading a story book aloud, praying together and with the children for one family meal in a day is essential to good parenting and the mother does it all. She also ensures the children are taught to respect the father as the Bread winner and honor his decisions.One of the most powerful forces in society, the culture of a society stems from the home and the values that are taught there. It is where t peace and prosperity, find common roots that begins with the teaching of children in the home.

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