Why Thai Food is the Best Type of Food for Recession Cooking

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Recession has hit different parts of the world, leaving different scales of impact. In such a scenario, even though the Asian economy has stood strong but spending has definitely taken a hit. Saving money is on everyone's mind and no doubt yours too. If grocery, poultry and vegetable bills are eating into your budget, it's time you switched to cooking Thai food. In fact, you will find that Thai food is the best type of food in these times of recession because it is tasty and requires spices that are available cheaply. So the cost of preparing a Thai meal including rice turns out to be much lesser than a meat-based European meal. Here are some facts that offer valuable insight:

Asian food markets have always been cheaper: Except the Korean and Japanese markets, most Asian food marts sell items cheaper as compared to their Western counterparts. If you buy spices from Asian markets like Thailand, you can get them cheap and this will help you save money. If you are wondering how Asian markets can afford to sell food ingredients for cheap then here is the answer: they spend much less on advertising, market research, consumer pricing strategy, interior decoration etc.

Economies of scale are one of the important factors to be considered. It can be calculated in areas where there is a large concentration of people. You will find some of the major or influential Thailand food markets witnessing more buyers per square feet vis-à-vis western supermarkets. This is true for fresh fish storage facilities in various Asian markets. This is true for Thai food markets as well.

One of the important facts is that Thai food is easy to cook with reasonably priced ingredients. If you opt for Thai food then even after adding meat or eggs, you will be able to enjoy not just the flavor but also save money buying the ingredients. Thai ingredients are available all across the world and more so in most Asian markets. Whether it is rice, hot fish sauce, fish, poultry, cumin powder, or red chilies, on a comparative note they are cheaper than what you will find in western markets. This is one of the important reasons why Thai food is considered to be one of the best types of food during recession.

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