Why Switching to Digital TV was Necessary

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Many people were surprised when all of a sudden the broadcasting networks shifted from analog to digital TV technology. A lot of consumers complained that the shift would only mean more expenses for them and having less of a chance to enjoy the benefits.
Digital TV is an advanced technology now being used by broadcasters. Since the shift in 2009, more and more channels can be broadcasted using the same space that the analog signal used. Since the shift occurred, watching TV has been much improved. Not only are there better pictures and the sound much improved but there are also more programming choices or multicasting, as well as interactive capacities.

Many broadcasters saw that the shift to digital TV for the technology allowed the freeing of more space in the broadcast spectrum. This technology made more room for communications which were becoming overwhelmed. With digital TV police, rescue and fire department communications now had more room to grow.

The home viewers also benefited greatly from the technology for more there were now more stations to choose from, better picture and sound as well as more efficient broadcasting. The broadcaster cold now offer a choice to the consumers between analog and High Definition digital programs or even multiple Standard Definition digital programs. This ability to offer more than one kind of broadcasting is called multi casting.

Multi casting also allows the broadcasters to offer more channels which contained more digital programming simultaneously. This is again because digital signals took up less space. What an analog could crowd, the digital made more room, in the same amount of space of the original analog signal. That meant that more and more people were getting more and more choices at their fingertips. Digital TV provided the interaction which was not possible with the analog services.

This is a relatively young technology and truly there are a lot of disadvantages. However, simply because there are disadvantages should not necessarily make it bad and it is important for people to consider taking advantage of digital technology which also opened the door to wireless technology including wireless TV, the internet and mobile phones.

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