Why Spill Containment Systems are Important

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If you work in an industry that involves the storing or transporting of hazardous materials, it's required by law that you have the proper spill containment systems in place. But what's so important about spill containment, anyway?

Whether they come in the form of liquids, solids or gasses, hazardous materials are dangerous. While these materials are being stored and transported, there is a significant risk of spills occurring. Because of that, spill containment systems need to be in place to prevent any potential damage to the environment and our society.

When spilled, hazardous materials can seep into the soil and groundwater and contaminate these important resources. Once into the soil, these materials can kill off vital plant life and cause animals who feed on those plants to suffer. Once into the groundwater, hazardous materials can infiltrate water sources and make us sick.

However, with the proper spill containment systems in place, none of these problems will be an issue. Any spills that occur will be completely contained. In addition, the companies involved will save themselves a great deal of time and effort by not having to clean up any damaging messes.

Who Should be Using Spill Containment Systems?

According to SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures) regulations, spill containment systems are required by any industry that deals with the storing and transportation of hazardous materials. Some of the businesses, locations and industry processes that require secondary containment include:

-Petroleum refineries
-Hydraulic fracturing and frac tanks
-Government and military agencies
-Class One Rail Companies
-Liquid Terminals
-Oil and gas drilling companies
-Trucks and tankers

This list is not comprehensive, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how many industry applications need to have proper secondary containment in place. Luckily, thanks to companies that specialize in spill containment, there are plenty of options available.

Are Spill Containment Systems Easy to Use?

Absolutely. Spill containment systems are specifically made to be easy to install and as minimally intrusive as possible. They are portable and non-porous and can be set up in no time at all. You won't have to do any major site preparation and you can forget about any excavation. Today's secondary containment is all about convenience for the user and benefits for the environment and society.

The initial investment of a spill containment system can be fairly significant, but the cost is well worth it. The SPCC imposes hefty fines and strict punishments on companies who don't comply, and the risk is simply not a smart one to take.

Companies who deal with hazardous materials need to do their part to take care of the environment and our society by putting the proper spill containment systems in place.

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