Why some People like iphone style made-in-china mobile Phones

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The following is the advantages and disadvantages of these cheap cell phones.

1, the appearance is not bad.
2, the screen isclear and delicate, such as the real machine does the same display
3, Mp3 effect is very good , comparable with the brand machines , particularly after the better headphones.
4, three-dimensional sense of strong tones , penetrating , others will feel that a machine is not cheap.
5, touch sensitive , software, fast response , in particular the speed of memory card read
6, the movie plays smoothly , show relatively detailed , clear , sensitive gravity sensors
7, scalable , more flexible , free installation of music , movies and software can be run and identify
8, legible interface , and friendly , has reached the standard brand of the font
9, flip the screen fast and smooth and delicate , not stiff feeling .
10 , feel a heavy sense of good and comparable to the real machine

1, CDMA can not save outgoing calls
2, cell phones and phone cards phone book contacts on the same show , repeated contact , can not set a separate display

3, WiFi comes with opera internet browser unstable , easy to exit the program , the difficulties caused by the Internet
4, can not save sent messages
5, the handset sound quality is not good , strong stereo ear-piercing
6, call and use , mobile phones and batteries overheating.
7, holding the battery on both sides of the slightest force , bent on both sides of the battery immediately , mainly low-quality batteries, easy to conducting a risk of leakage.
8, see the wallpaper image , easy to identify and return to the pop-up , causing the same browser
9, the phone is not good to be electric , pass the 2 phone ( total minutes ) for a fully charged battery, there is no saving.
10, remove the shell, the internal rough, not to mention fine at all .

The features of iphone 4 clone cell phones
Dual Simcard 2 standby and works with GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ (NOT for 3G network)
The most fashionable mobile phone with 3.2 inch big and clear screen
Supports multi format audio & videos/movies files for enjoying the music and movies on the phone

Supports Micro SD/T-Flash card to expand storage
Java for downloading coolest & latest Java-based games (MIDP2.0 jar games) and social networking applications (Twitter & Facebook)
Preloaded funny games, mobile phone browser UCweb and chatting tool MSN
WAP + Bluetooth + USB for convenient data transferring
2 camera lenses for taking high definition picture and recording high quality video
Motion sensor: shake-to-switch function on music and horizontal & vertical automatic switching display
Handy functions: sound recorder, FM radio, Calculator, Unit Converter and Currency Converter

The unlocked iphone 4 clone phones are mostly made in China. And it has different versions. Each kinds is different in functions and materials. Consumers should choose reliable e-shopping websites to purchase iphone clone mobile phones.

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