Why So Many People Prefer Apad over iPad?

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You must be familiar with iPad, a tablet PC from Apple. But do you know Apad? What's the relationship between Apad and iPad? Actually, Apad has nothing to do with iPad. Apad is a 7 inch tablet PC with Google Android OS made in China. These China tablet PCs are not certified by 3C, but they are practical and much cheaper.

iPad and Apad have similar appearance and functions, but they differ in their sizes, weight, actual functionality and reputation. iPad is more advanced and more charming than the China made tablet. But there are still a large number of foreigners like to buy Apad from China, why? Comparing to Apple 9.7 inch mutitouch pad, Apad is more portable, more economical and even more suitable for most people. For example, this Apad Classic 7 inch Google Android 2.1 720P HDMI Camera Plating Tablet PC MID 256MB/4G is a top seller at PICKEGG.

Apad Classic 7 inch Google Android 2.1 720P HDMI Camera Plating Tablet PC

Although Apad is not as high configured as iPad, they still have many advantages that draw our eyes.

1. Multiple language support, covering all the main language all over the world.
2. Super slim body. Its size is appropriate for viewing pictures, watching movies by holding in one hand while operating by the other hand.
3. High responsive ability.
4. High definition, good for watching movies and view images.
5. Good sound quality, especially when you listen with earphone. But the sound of the built-in speaker is a little low.
6. GPS. You could know every corner of the world without stepping out of your house.
7. Internet accessibility is as good as netbook.
8. Heat dissipation is OK.
9. Appropriate memory.

Apad from China a great tablet PC for people who have tight budget but have no picky requirements on tablet's functionality. Famous Apads include Apad iRobot, Johnson aPad, T7-3G, Apad classic and so on. Most online electronic shops have such tablet, for example, PICKEGG.

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