Why Should One Use Green Chemicals?

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Green chemicals are eco-friendly cleaning formulas. The green label on these products implies that they will not harm the environment. The popularity of these solutions has been increasing over the last few years and will likely continue to increase as more people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

It is a proven fact that many chemical detergents are harmful. Just take a look at a conventional detergent's MSDS sheet and you may find a host of known hazardous ingredients. Continuous use of these artificial cleaning detergents can damage surfaces and can affect the health of the operator and others who are exposed to the area. Above all, the chemicals in such detergents do not breakdown readily and remain as toxic residue in the environment.

How to Solve the Problem of Chemical Detergents

Using green cleaning products as a substitute for harmful chemical detergents is the solution. Green cleaning chemicals are easily biodegradable and do not convert into toxic residues when introduced into the environment. In addition, they do not cause any harm either to the operator or to the surface. 

Differences between Green Cleaners and Artificial Detergents

Many people seem to have some confusion in distinguishing between green cleaners and artificial products. Many artificial products add the tag "green" along with the product name. These products are not always eco-friendly and are misleading to the customer.

Three things set a green carpet cleaner or other green formula apart from an artificial product:

  1. Biodegradability

  2. Composition

  3. Toxicity


Reputable suppliers provide details about their products' biodegradability either on their website or on the bottle itself. One may check their website or product pack for details regarding biodegradability. An authentic green carpet cleaner or other green formula should bio-degrade almost completely within a month. This means these products do not leave any harmful deposits on the surface or in the environment.


Most cleaning formulas will have a list of ingredients found in the MSDS sheet. Normally, there is a long list of unfamiliar chemical names. However, a search on the internet will tell you if these chemicals are toxic or not. The website of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a good source for which chemical ingredients pose health and environmental risks.

The website lists chlorine, benzene, glycol ethers, and petroleum distillates as some of the main culprits. Real green cleaning products do not contain any harmful substances. If a product contains any hazardous ingredients, then it is not truly a green product.


Green cleaning chemicals are produced from plants and vegetables, whereas artificial products are chemically synthesized. The natural composition ensures that green cleaners are non-toxic and safe for all users and the environment in which they ultimately end up.

Questions about Efficiency

Most people agree green chemicals are necessary to save the planet. However, many among them are skeptical about the cleaning efficiency of these products. Earlier formulas, in fact, justified this suspicion. However, some of latest green products perform better than the chemical detergents.

For improved cleaning efficiency, look for advanced green chemistry and colloidal technology. These two technologically advanced features ensure optimum cleaning power for removal of the most stubborn stains and a host of other applications.

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