Why Rock N Roll Was Seen As the Downfall of Society

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“Not getting it” can occur between generations as well as people. Music (which is part of the basic desire for romance) is a good case in point. When I was a kid in the 1970s, my parents could not understand how I could like rock ’n’ roll. They thought it was noise and did not let me play it when they were home. Some said it was the music of the devil, or at least the communists, but the communists argued that rock ’n’ roll music was a certain sign that western civilization was crumbling under the weight of capitalism. Like most parents, mine dismissed the hours I spent listening to rock ’n’ roll as the behavior of a foolish teenager. When I got to college, however, I dated a number of women who thought I was some kind of cultural lowlife for liking rock music. In their opinion, people who liked classical music had reached a higher level of consciousness than had rockers. The general principle was, “If you like music X, and I like music Y, and it is because I am superior to you, and Y is the music of superior people.”

One young lady asked me, “How could a smart person like you be such a cultural imbecile?” Being a curious person, I have spent many hours pondering that very same question. I never came up with an answer, but now that I have developed my idea of “not getting it,” I no longer need feel shame for my interest in rock ’n’ roll.

The great debate between rockers and classical music enthusiasts has never been resolved. At one time, the world was divided by what type of music people liked - the under-30 group versus the over-30 group, rather than by nationality, race, or political ideology. Rock music eventually became part of mainstream culture, not because people actually changed their minds about it, but because the young people of the 1950s and 1960s became the adults of the 1980s and 1990s. My parents died disliking rock ’n’ roll music, and I will die liking it.

“Not getting it” is part of our everyday lives. Although some examples are amusing, “not getting it” can be serious business. Every so often it breaks out into a cultural war, but even when that does not happen, it is a major factor in what people do not like about each other. It is so basic to human thinking that people do not realize when it is occurring, and how it biases their attitude toward other people.

Interestingly, “not getting it” primarily occurs when people have significantly different desire profiles. It usually does not occur between people who have different abilities, opinions, personalities, or habits. People can learn to appreciate others who are different from them in many regards; it is only when it comes to pleasures, values, and desires that “not getting it” is seen. What you have learned about “not getting it” can help you understand how other people such as your spouse, boss, parents, or children, perceive you and why you perceive them in certain ways.

By: Francis David

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