Why permanent hair removal is a confusing term

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Irreversible or permanent hair removal is definitely a concept which often gets tossed around considerably in marketing and advertising promotions pertaining to hair removal programs but there is genuinely just one solution that actually provides permanent hair removal and that's electrolysis.

Much of what we tend to read relating to enduring hair elimination is suspect. Prominent hair removal options are often advertised as delivering lasting end results consists of laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Neither of these two services provides enduring success however and additionally both solutions usually are ones which a person will need to go with multiple times before hair removal produces satisfactory long term results.

The effects of these 2 possibilities will not be necessarily enduring because hair develops in cycles and it's normal for hairs that have been treated to grow once again at some point.

Electrolysis conversely gets rid of the hair follicles one at a time and thus those individual hairs will never re-grow. Electrolysis is commonly a process that women have utilised however men are great candidates for this course of action as well. Electrolysis works extremely well on nearly all areas of the body aside from inside the nose and ears.

The electrolysis treatment does treat hairs on an individual basis so you can visualize the effort associated with taking away large quantities of hair from areas including the back, the shoulders and chest area by way of example. Because of this, laser and Intense Pulsed Light are likely to be the alternatives that men and women (especially males) opt for when they want to clear sizeable areas of hair such as these.

Even though laser and IPL do not provide you with permanent results, they remove more hair in a shorter time period when compared with electrolysis because they involve the use of a handheld wand which is larger than the small probe used during electrolysis.

The tradeoff with laser and also IPL is therefore that you can treat a larger area of your body more effectively but don't get perpetual results. What you can accomplish with these two techniques of hair removal is something generally termed as permanent hair reduction.

In such a case the amount of hair that you have does decrease with repeated treatments but won't necessarily be completed removed. Again, it's actually a tradeoff between the size of the area to be treated versus the particular amount of time the hair won't reappear.

When thinking of hair removal techniques pay attention to various claims and even guarantees that providers offer when promoting their hair removal products and services. At the end of the day electrolysis is the only recognized permanent hair removal option so your possibilities are certainly limited.

Plus your expectations need to be in line with the reality of what
results they supply.

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