Why People Are Crazy Over Dog Portraiture

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The style of English Decorating offers its patrons with more than just floral chintz, blue and white china and gilded picture frames. According to a magazine this has made people interested in dog portraits from the Victorian era. Cave walls with dog paintings on them date back about 15,000 to 30,000 years.

During the time that Queen Victoria wanted the royal children to be painted it also meant their dogs were painted to. Not only were the dogs of Country squires part of the portraits but they were also included in the titles. It was always taken into consideration in the family records.

The peak of the dog portraiture industry came by the end of the 1800s. As a result numerous people had the interest to get dog portraiture for themselves. Back then Great Britain had a population of about 20 million to 30 million and according to history there were 6 million animal painters.

Many of those people were amateurs yet their work sold really well. Despite its naive and primitive look many people still like collecting these paintings. Pure breed creatures normally did not take part in pictures like this. According to a New York gallery owner and former director of the dog museum of America, the portraits of purebreds made for a better collection. Included in this genre were many paintings, prints, pastels and watercolors.

Purebred portraits usually appeal to people who want to collect a specific breed. Given that it is a society dog, many people are looking for the cavalier King Charles spaniel. The best purebred portraits sometimes match the price of sporting portraits.

Portraits of dogs are available from various sources. To name a few, people can get their pieces from Art galleries, auction houses, private dealers and antique and thrift shops. Individuals, flea markets and garage sales are less likely source options.

When are interested in a certain buy, always do some research first. Reading books related to the breed you want to buy like early 19th century breed books will help you understand more the piece you want to get.

Having research is essential when you are purchasing through an auction. Sometimes auction houses do not guarantee that their pieces are real. Your dealer will always do all they can to help you get a piece and make sure that it is real. Still, that should not serve as a substitute for your own careful study and research.

In auctions, your research will really be of good use. Here, the pieces being auctioned is usually not guaranteed to be authentic so many buyers are on their own. There are those deals who really make sure that their pieces are real and that the customer is not being fooled. Keep in mind that it is still a good move to do your own research.

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