Why Paint Photographs

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Art way up above. Photorealism, one of the dominant art movements of the 1970s, has been introduced and presented at the Kansas University Art Museum. Be sure to tell what is pigment apart from what in the piece is celluloid. More information on the topic of paintings is located at photos into paintings.

This is a style of painting that calls for photographs acting as working mediums. Here is where a photograph is copied by the artist, using paints and a blank canvass. An exhibit was specially organized by two friends, one of them a leading aviation and aerospace attorney, to showcase the paintings of 22 artists. Here, you can see different forms of creativity at work.

Like always, one of the artists came with a horse painting. Holding a model plane, one of the two brothers stands near the horse that his sister is riding. Another one has continued his series of old toys by placing a bright colored floating plane in a bathtub, and yet another has parked his car conveniently near a helicopter. It was the decision of one artist to use an aquarium floor and a small plane.

Based from a bunch of photographs, the artists went wild when it comes to their painting techniques and this actually led to an array of amazing masterpieces. Grids were what Renaissance artists utilized so that they can enlarge their sketches for murals and to enlarge the photos for their canvass translations, some artists used this technique as well. Obtain further advice on landscape oil painting hand painted and the subject of paintings.

Another artist's air borne fighter jet is feathered with clouds. Almost all of the pieces that were displayed showed a magnificent use of clear, precise lines and color by several artists. Using his antique photographs, an air ship was painted with tints by one of the artists during the show.

But why paint from photographs at all? This is where there is an absence of a personal contribution coming from the artist. There is a decision that the artist can make when it comes to the material. The artists' use of photorealist techniques proves them extremely proficient in the use of brushes and air guns.

You can really see their skillfulness in works like these. There is nothing wrong with pop art or abstract pieces but photorealism simply wants to bring people back to recognizable imagery in the art world. Thanks to the Whitney Museum in New York, those who have been part of the photorealistic movement were able to come together.

Their show signaled the battle cry, if you will. Prices for the paintings are high partly because of the time required to produce a major work. When you look at these paintings, you will be speechless. Here, you have paintings done with love.

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