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The liberalization of economy in India has resulted in outsourcing of various kinds of work to the country. There are many a cartoonist India based who can provide good work related to cartoon, illustration, caricature, etc.

Cartooning is a great art form. It is highly creative. To become a cartoonist one needs to be good at drawing. The person also needs to possess a great sense of humor. Many a times people have good sense of humor but cannot draw or when they car draw they do not have the ability to make people laugh. The art of cartooning is very popular. A work of cartoon can be seen anywhere, including newspapers, websites, television, animation, cinema, etc.

There are many kinds of cartoon. One form is political cartoon that are published in newspapers that make fun of current events. Then there are simple funny illustrations that are used to make an article interesting in a newspaper. Many times television ads use some cartoon work to make some advertisement effective. Then there is a whole industry of animation where cartoon films are made for use as a television programme or a feature film. The book publishing industry uses the service of cartoonists for illustrating children books.

There is some difference between a cartoon and a caricature. When a funny illustration is drawn to show any situation or a person in a funny way then it is a cartoon. When facial features of a person is highlighted to make him look funny then it is called a caricature. There are many people who can draw cartoon but cannot draw a caricature. Drawing a caricature takes more hard work. To draw a caricature of a person it is needed to first study the facial features of the person. Then notice the prominent features. Then draw the caricature exaggerating the facial features of the person. For example if the person has big nose then make the nose even bigger. If the man has small eyes make it even smaller.
Any foreign company can easily hire the services of a cartoonist India based to get cartoon related work done a reasonable price.


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