Why not try a Movie to Relax You?

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Almost everyone enjoys watching movies. Whatever your format you will find that there are so many options available for types of movies to watch these days that your choices are endless. There are the old classics of course but almost daily you will find movies are released all over the world so I if you watched one movie every day for your entire life you could never watch all of them. That does not mean that they are all good movies by any means and picking a good one from a bad one is not always that easy.

I rely on the information from my friends, usually I have an idea of their kind of taste in movies and if they recommend something then I can usually tell whether I will like it or not. I have watched many a bad movie all the way to the end only hoping that it would prove to be a good movie somehow. Just to be disappointed and find out that it was really as bad as I thought it was going to be.

- So how do you take your movies?
- Do you go to the movie theatre?
- Do you download your movies yourself?

- Do you rent them from the Video store, or the DVD store?
- Do you have a DVD player or a Video player?
Videos are not completely gone especially for the classic movies but if you like movies then pretty soon you are going to have to get yourself a DVD player.

For avid movie watchers do you watch yours at home in your living room or do you look for peace and solitude and watch your movies, if they are DVD or VCD on your laptop or notebook in another room of the house away from everyone else? The movie theatre option will always be a favorite for me but lets face it who has the time to drive to the theatre, find somewhere to park, pay for parking then find the money necessary to purchase the ticket itself. Not to mention the cost of the popcorn of the chocolate dip ice cream in the interval. Do they even have an intermission anymore? It has been so long since I went to the movie theatre that I am not sure they even do this.

So as you can see I prefer to do my movie watching at home. You can press pause during the movie when you have to go to the bathroom or when you need a refill or whatever your drink is or when that phone rings again. I do have to have a sophisticated sound system though and I rely on my movies being of good sound and picture quality even if I cannot always guarantee the quality of the move itself.

I have a variety of friends who are always giving me movies so the chance to even watch one a day is usually impossible and I have a stash of anything up to 20 or so movies constantly and the worst thing is that I find when I want to watch a movie, or have the time free to do so, I don't like any of the 20 options that I have.

For me watching a movie is very much about my mood as to what I will watch. There are times when I want to sit and relax with a good comedy or require a bit of drama. A romantic comedy is just what I need some days to prove that while my day is not great perhaps is hope! I don't go much for the action movies unless they have a good storyline however I enjoy a good thriller. Actually I would have to say that a thriller is my preferred choice of movie.

Whatever your movie choice is you should try to make yourself the time to sit and relax and enjoy a movie every now and again. Take the phone off the hook at home or turn off the mobile for an hour or so and just sit and enjoy. The stress release you can get from a good movie regardless of the type is very relaxing and enables you to stop using your mind for other tasks, if you are lucky that is.

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