Why London Shows are an unmissable part of any trip to London

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London shows are rich and classical. They are inspirational and usually tell a story that can provide hope and insight to one’s life. This article seeks to look at a few of the shows that can be found in the West End of London (London's famous area for Theatre) and highlight a few things that make them such an unmissable part of any visit to the City.

What to expect

Some would say that London itself is a show, from the moment you arrive in the city you are presented with a display of pageantry and Majesty that is fit for a Queen. Every day there is the display at Buckingham Palace of the changing of the guard. A display worthy of any world class theatre, yet here it is being performed "in the street" for all to see and enjoy.

A stroll further down and you can see the Legendary Yeomen of the Tower (Better known as the Beefeaters at the Tower of London). Traditionally tasked with looking after the most famous prison in the World and with guarding no less than the Crown Jewels.

And these aren't even the shows on in the West End! Down in the West End is where you'll find the real London shows.

Before talking about the shows we need to look at some of the people in the shows. Some of the greats of British cinema started their career on the West End, so much so that it has almost become a "rite of passage" for any aspiring actor. To follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sir Laurence Olivier or Dame Helen Mirren to name just two.

The Shows

Billy Elliot

Set in a North Yorkshire mining town during the Miners strike of nineteen eighty four, the musical tells the story of young Billy, the son of a miner who just doesn't fit the mold that life would have him fit into.

Billy's a bit uncoordinated at sports so the family decide to save up and send him to boxing lessons, not knowing that sharing the same hall as the boxing coach is the local Ballet dance class. Imagine the uproar when Billy announces he wants to learn Ballet instead of Boxing!

Does Billy get to follow his dream? The story is a timeless classic of determination and overcoming obstacles that people throw up, as well as tearing down some stereotypes. The Billy Elliot London show is a show for all to enjoy.

Dirty Dancing

Remember the movie of that name? Well now there’s the Dirty Dancing Musical with all the hits of the original movie. A real fun escape back to a time when life was so much simpler. The odds are against them becoming an item but the odds didn't take their determination into account! Will the sparks that fly be those that ignite the flames of Love?

It's a classic Romance between two fiercely independent young people and the Love that develops over the summer. A show not to be missed. Although this show does carry an age restriction of 16.

Mama Mia

This is a must for all fans of the first ever super group ABBA! Written by Benny and Bjorn of the group it weaves together in a magical story most of the huge hits that they had back in the 1970's and 1980's.

Join with "Donna" a wild child of the 70's as she copes with planning the wedding of her daughter and her daughter's determination to find out who her real father is by inviting all the men her Mum dated that summer she was conceived!

It's a refreshing look at the way that our outlook on life changes over time and how the generations see things differently.

What to Expect at a London Musical

You can expect to find a show that will suit every taste, from the fast moving Dancing of Dirty Dancing to the classic spine chilling edge of your seat drama in some of the other shows like the 39 steps and the Mousetrap. Or the comedic capers of Mum trying to hide some of her past from her determined daughter in Mama Mia or the determination to carry out your dreams no matter what anyone else says in Billy Elliot, you'll find them all there.


Going to the Theatre we often want to relax and enjoy a good story. In London Shows you'll get that and so much more! Inspiration to rise above your circumstances, determination to find your true love. Or maybe to realize that true love can cope with a few mistakes in the past.

One thing is sure, London is a city of the theatrical. From the moment you step into the city and see some of the most wonderful sites to the moment when you leave the theatre knowing you've met your own heart and it has spoken afresh to you through what you've just seen on stage.

A good show is worth its weight in gold, but you won't have to pay in it! You'll realize that the show was worth the cost.

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