Why Jingles are Important for Business Promotion

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Nothing can make your business stand out more than Push Button original jingles tailored just for you. You can have the whole city singing along with your businesses' catchy tune and they'll just wish they could get it out of their head. This is the most effective and, oddly enough, can be your most economical choice in the long run! After you have invested the initial cost of the music, having a new voiceover placed over the top of it to advertise a sale or special event is easy and cost efficient. Do it just a few times and you'll have made your money back, not to mention the instant recognition your business will have with a Push Button Jingle. That's priceless.
7 to 9 Times More Money
On a recent flight to visit some family I picked up the courtesy copy of the in-flight magazine, which was nestled neatly beside my air-sickness pouch and the emergency procedure pamphlet. Since SOMEONE had borrowed my iPod charger and I didn’t get a chance to stop at the overpriced magazine counter, I would have to just bear the overpriced luxury items available for purchase on the plane and the insipid articles about Family Circus…don’t even get me started. Somewhere between the crusty pages lay something that actually provoked some thought. Luckily it came in the form of a simple one-page advertisement because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I have the attention span of a gnat. I can’t remember who the ad was for (that’s a subject we’ll talk about in a later blog), but it simply said it costs 7 to 9 times more money to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one.

Think about the impact this could have on your advertising and marketing plan! So many business owners come to us wanting to attract larger crowds to their store, or bring clients in from the competition and, naturally, it’s how they are gearing their advertising. How about investing a portion of that advertising into your current client base…people who already know and love your business and products? They’ve already been sold on your company, they come into your store frequently and all you have to do now is get them to buy more! That’s yet another reason why every ad you produce should promote the brand…ALWAYS. You’re not only building a reputation for new clients, but also reinforcing your existing ones that they have made the right decision in coming to you.

Every business wants it, but few know how to get it. I'm talking about instant recognition. The kind you get when you hear a slogan, some piece of music or even see a logo that brings a specific business to mind. Many businesses try to get that kind of recognition, but most go about it in all the wrong ways.

Debunking the Myths
If you talk to any media buyer they'll tell you that all you have to do is be present in the market. They’ll say that the percentage of media presence in the market will be roughly equivalent to your share of your target market. While I can't dispute the importance of getting your message out there and playing it frequently, one thing media buyers tend to overlook is the importance of the message itself. There's no point to spending all you hard-earned money on buying the best ad schedule if your message is slipping into the background, as most tend to do. The great thing about radio advertising is that it's not as expensive as you might think. It's actually the most cost effective advertising medium there is, even beating out newspapers. So when you’re planning a budget for advertising you should always try to invest a portion into getting something noticeable produced. The production of a commercial will make or break your ad campaign!
There are so many companies vying for the attention of your target market, you need to give them a reason to listen and remember you. A properly produced jingle will do just that…and keep a smile on their face.
Jingles and Radio Jingles production that really POPS! Get your jingle produced by the pros who know how to write something that POPS! We produce award-winning jingles and radio ads that will get your clients talking (and spending!)

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