Why It is Fun to Watch Indian Celebrities Tweeting?

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Have you ever got indulged in Celebrity Stalking? Well, I donít mean actually on your feet, but Iím pretty sure you have done that figuratively and this is what most of us do! If not then why even the news channels talk about the celebrities and their personal lives more and general issues less; why do even the leading national newspapers bring in gossips on the front page? Even Twitter is getting more users because itís the latest mantra to know more about celebrities! Well, whatever you say, it has been found that people are joining Twitter more to know about the celebrities than the latest trends and news. Indeed reading the tweets of your favorite celebrities is a better way to stalk into their personal lives and feed your gossip hunger than newspaper columns and news channel flicks!

So you are a great fan of Indian Celebrities and read a lot of newspaper, magazine, watch a hell lot of TV. Reading newspaper and magazine gossip columns are fine but are they updated every minute? If you read film magazines, then you are helpless to wait for a week, or a fortnight, or even a month, depending on how many times the magazine gets published in a month. And if you religiously read the newspapers, you will still have to wait till the next morning to get the latest issue. Some may say that TV channels prove the best resort for the latest news about the celebs. Thatís true but TV channels canít get you whatís censored and what the glitterati have kept in complete secrecy.

Now you may argue saying how about googling about our favorite glitterati? Yeah, thatís really a great idea, but do you know that even Google picks up the tweets to bring the latest news to you? If you donít believe just go and type your favorite celebs name in the search bar and click on Ďlatestí tab on the left hand side on the page. Youíll find all the tweets talking about the glitterati you have typed in the search bar. I did the same, this morning; I vaguely typed Hrithik Roshan, and there appeared numerous tweets talking about him! But it did not get me what Hrithik himself had said or commented; instead it had all that was said about him by others. Being a die-hard Hrithik fan I went to his Twitter profile to read what he had to say.

Reading about your favorite superstars and that to in their own words is a real fun, they tell you what they ate for the dinner, where did they go for the weekends, what are they doing at the moment and what are their future plans, etc. Sometimes they even open their hearts out telling you some of their secret desires and wishes and even their weaknesses! The other day I read Preity Zinta complaining about her laziness and inability to work out well at the gym! Honestly speaking, not following the tweets of your favorite stars is like letting your ice-cream melt even when it can be eaten!

But the trouble is one can hardly trust Google, in helping you search the authentic Twitter profiles of your favorite stars and moreover, following them all together at the same time from your Twitter profile mixes up all their tweets, but say thanks to God and technology that there are such applications available that lets you follow the authentic Twitter profiles under one roof!

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