Why is Website Translation Important?

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The online arena is fast becoming the place to be for modern business, however there is a pertinent challenge with having a singular online presence, i.e. how do you reach customers or clients that do not speak your language? Well by choosing a high quality translation company that offer translation services, you can be sure that your online presence is not “lost in translation.”

It is presumptuous to assume that the Esperanto of the world wide web is English, and whilst it is definitely true that communicating in English is important online, around half of the users of the internet do not use English as there first language. It isn't difficult to understand therefore that if you want to effectively meet the potential of your online presence you need to be able to communicate in their as well as your own language.

Of course, the translation of a website should reach beyond words, and when localising a page it is important that it meets certain cultural standards, both in terms of written content and importantly in terms of aesthetics. Therefore a translation company specializing in website translation should on the one hand ensure that your written content is not only speaking the right language, but that its use of pictures and symbols is also appropriate.

With this and mind, and considering the nuances that pervade language and culture it is important that rather than settling for machine translations – which are notorious for their inaccuracies – you should opt for human translators, preferably native speakers of the target language, who will be able to guarantee the lingual consistency of your website.
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