Why Is Phone Coaching So Rewarding?

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It has been gratefully tested that over 90% of successful coaching is done via phone coaching.

Here are numerous reasons for its success.

1. Phone coaching virtually guarantees success because you'll be able to connect with the coach that is ideal for your needs. I came to know about it because studies have shown that those who develop their ideal relationship with their coach will accomplish their goals just about every time. It's also been found that those who don't create this perfect relationship will be a lot less successful. The probability that this ideal coach is within a decent traveling distance is just about non-existent. With phone coaching, you can choose from a number of coaches located anywhere in the world. You are no able to focus on the important things, like how they can meet your coaching needs without letting location be a roadblock.

2. Phone coaching is very rewarding because it's so extremely effective. Neither you nor your coach will have distractions by appearances, physical actions or the environment of the place you would be meeting in. You need your coach to be an equal partner and phone coaching is a wonderful equalizer. It's difficult for either the coach or you to accidentally or intentionally become more superior to the other over the phone. The phone lets the coaching session be focused solely on you, just the way it's supposed to be.

3. Phone coaching is so extremely efficient. You both will be able to get right into the coaching session because you won't have to do all those normal good manners needed for those in person meetings. I have found with phone coaching, the sessions require half the time than the in person coaching sessions.

4. Phone coaching is less expensive. Coaching over the phone has shown to cost about 65% less than the in person coaching sessions. You won't have to pay out for travel expenses and you don't have to waste your time driving back and forth. Your coaching fees will be lower as it takes less time than in person sessions.

5. Phone coaching is relaxing, enjoyable and convenient. You can have your session from any place you wish. Neither of you have to deal with frustrations over travel and schedules. You can choose any private, quiet and relaxed place for your sessions. By doing this, you will find that you're more yourself and that you are actually enjoying the whole process.

From what I can see, who wouldn't want to participate in phone coaching? With all these benefits, what is keeping you from calling today?

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