Why Is It That Men and women Like Zombie Movies and Games So Much?

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There's been a current glut of zombie films and zombie game titles in today's popular culture, legendary stories displaying anything from black humor to horror to slapstick comedy. Creating zombie games or movies is apparently the foolproof plan that producers and programmers use as a last result if they are fresh out of different ideas. Plus it seems to work every time.

What exactly could it be that's so awesome about the walking dead? Why is it that we feast on each zombie production that hits the street? What exactly is it concerning the walking dead which has contaminated our minds and culture so much so that people can't manage to get enough of them?

Part of it may be the shocking aspect. We all like being scared a bit, and what's more terrifying than our close friends and family becoming brainless cannibals and seeking to consume us? - Besides, of course, us becoming bitten and transforming in to one ourselves.

A part of our captivation with zombies may be the disgusting aspect. We are morbidly inquisitive to view what type of sick things these ex--humans are going to construct next. We privately, or at times not so secretly, desire to see glimpses of decaying flesh, open wounds, and dripping bodily fluids.

An additional piece of the zombie success saga might be traced to our natural paranoia. If everyone else could be a zombie, that can very well leave us without having anyone to trust. And we all know simply how much we love trusting nobody. Zombie films and video games contribute to the me-against-the-world fantasies

But each of these mental gems only explain portion of the reason for the crazy popularity of the zombie genre. The real reason is a lot more personal and far more childish. As far as a lot of us are concerned, the zombies can go to hell. We're really more enthusiastic about the apocalypse itself and, more particularly, becoming a portion of the few leftover survivors.

End of days scenarios are depressing happenings, nobody will challenge that. But zombie apocalypses are not just a few of the least harsh, they even possess a certain appeal that fascinates and compels us. While in other end of days scenarios, the world and every thing in it gets demolished, in a zombie end of days scenarios, the sole thing cleverly removed from the equation is the bulk of other folks. This could include just a few we didn't want and a few we cared about, but mainly the millions and billions that we've never met, don't know, and don't really care about anyhow.

Every one of the required pillars of modern life of today are still about. There exists plenty of nourishment, weapons in abundance, vehicles, and alcohol. Everything we've ever desired is merely sitting around waiting for us to grab it. Long term consequences be damned - if we could simply get away becoming contaminated, we shall live the remainder of our life like kings. The women of our desires will find us a lot more adorable if virtually everyone else on the planet is in different levels of decay.

A zombie apocalypse entails no judging gods, no ancient predictions, no disastrous meteors, just us and our wits vs the entire world. And that is an end of days scenario which very few would want to pass-up.

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