Why is Art Called Fine Arts?

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Art, as we know presents an artist’s creative ability to amalgamate his personal, aesthetic experience with multiple colors and brush strokes and produce thereafter a fine piece of art that deeply touches our soul and awakens our sense of beauty. Art or fine arts may be used synonymously as in the term “art gallery”
The term fine in fine arts / fine art does not refer to the neatness of a work of art. It rather represents the purity of the discipline, to the honesty with which an artist consciously produces unparallel pieces of art.
What is the Meaning of fine art gallery

Fine art may be defined as "a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture."
Fine art is developed first and foremost, for the aesthetics rather than the practical use. Fine art is a vision of mind, a thought or an emotion.
Two Forms of Art

If we trace back to the history, we will find an enormous treasure of fine arts – Architecture, music, poetry, painting and sculpture.

Presently, fine art may be divided into two sections- The Visual Art and The Performing Arts – such as music, dance, sculpture, architecture, calligraphy, theatre, conceptual art, print making etc.
In its entirety, fine arts represent the visual art forms in museums and / or in learning institutions. However, visual art forms like craftwork or applied arts such as textiles cannot be termed as fine arts.
Deciding the Real Face for Fine Arts is a Puzzlement
For the present art practice, the visual arts has been portrayed as a more vivid and inclusive phrase.
Over the years, with evolving art forms, it has been really confusing to decide as to what can be denoted as a fine art. Often people refer to the fine arts the wrong way when they actually mean the performing arts (music, dance, drama, etc.).
Also, to refer to someone who has mastered an action distinctly and reached an exceptionally high level of skills, one might metaphorically say that "Don Bradman took cricket to the level of a fine art."

Fine art requires the artists to have mastery over highly developed and unique skills in their respective field be it visual arts, performing arts or applied and decorative arts.
A great piece of art cannot be born in the absence of creativity and instinct.
Purchasing Fine Art

When you purchase a fine art piece from a
fine art gallery
allow your heart to make the decision. The art piece with which you can relate to and feel a sense of oneness as it immerses your being into itself is the correct one for you. Visit a fine art gallery and experience the indescribable feeling of the power of art.

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