Why I Would Buy the Echo PB251 Blower

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Producers of leaf blowers have had to think carefully about the new laws relating to noise and air pollution released from gas driven power tools. Out of all of these implements the gas blower has had the worst record in creating great levels of noise pollution. Echo haveanswered these needs by making machines that both meet these needs and still produce the power we need to get the yard tasks done. They have also managed to develop some nice features in the process.

With a full air speed of 145 mph the Echo PB 251 hand held leaf blower is easily able to deal with clearing reasonable sized yards. The speed of the air gets the leaves and rubbish moving and then the 390 CFM air volume generated makes sure that it carries on moving. It is fired up by a 25.4 cc power boost vortex engine. It definitely packs a punch. Although it isn't as powerful as back pack models it still manages to cope with most jobs and you haven't got all the problems of having to get strapped in. Despite the power generated, the level of noise produced has been reduced down to 65db, which will meet the regulation needs in most areas. There is some debate about the design of the engine as far as the number of piston rings used. This engine has one piston ring where as different designs have 2 rings. There have been no difficulties reported about this, as far as I recollect.

One of the most important features of a good power tool is its ability to start rapidly and easily. The PB 251 cranks very easily and there is no need to prime the fuel each time. When the weather is hot and you have to blow your yard and sidewalks off, you want something that is going to start rapidly and complete your yard as soon as possible. This Echo blower does just that. It also has no issues starting when the engine is hot. Some consumers have complained about its ability to start, but this only seems to be a small minority. It is thought that the need for lean mixtures to meet emissions laws might be responsible for some problems in these kinds of machines. You need to make sure you use the correct grades of gas and oil in the fuel mixture.

A number of features make this gas powered leaf blower easy to use. With a weight of only 9.9lbs this is a light blower which helps a lot when it comes to using it for longer amounts of time. It has two handles which makes it easy to hold and the top handle has three positions to aid in directional operation. It uses rotation control technology to stop the force of the air coming out of the macgine from trying to twist the machine out of your hands. There is also a neat trigger lock. As well as being very quiet the machine doesn't suffer very much from vibrations.

The reliability and standard of manufacture of garden power tools varies a lot but this blower is undoubtedly on the quality side of the spectrum. It has a good amount of power and will take care of anything for the average home. It will blow light to moderate piles of lawn clippings and leaves with no effort at all. It is a great tool for a reasonable price with a fantastic 5 year warranty.

A leaf blower is for working and not resting in the corner of your garage broken or useless. Making the right choice is therefore important. For full details on leaf blower choices and the ratings that are important you should take a look at TJS Vincent's web site. You should then be able to choose your leaf blower with confidence Echo Leaf Blower

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