Why I Hate Water Ionizer Reviews

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So, what's to hate about water ionizer reviews?

Well, I think people are going about it all wrong. You see, I've read tons of water ionizer reviews. SO MANY water ionizer reviews that it made my head spin. I've read all about the PH Targeting and the Filter Micron, the number of watts, and everything in between. When I was making my decision on what ionizer to purchase, I almost drove myself nuts... inundating myself with facts and figures, looking at enormous tables of statistics comparing 10 to 20 water ionizers at a time.

I kept going in circles! I got myself totally frustrated in trying to learn the science behind these water ionizers so that I could make the right decision. After all, my family's health was at stake... and that's something that I value more than anything else in the world.

So there I was, combing the internet for water ionizer reviews, statistics and variables, driving myself nuts and reading unverified information off a whole slew of web sites trying to decipher the code... Just tell me, I thought, which water ionizer will bring me and my family the greatest happiness in our lives, the most energy, and the greatest longevity! I wanted to make a decision already.

And after about 2 weeks of reading non-stop, I stumbled upon a page of testimonials. It's a page similar to the one I posted yesterday in this very blog, with fantastic testimonials from people using all sorts of different water ionizers. I was completely impressed with the results, and I wanted to be one of those testimonials. I wanted to have the machine already in my house. All I could think to myself was one thought:

Why am I still searching so darn hard for the right water ionizer, when it seems like all these people are exceedingly happy with all of theirs?

And that's what hit me. Nobody's ever going to be able to definitively prove who's ionizer is best, and who's ionizer improves your life by 1% more than the others. The science just isn't there. We have different statistics, but we don't know whether more watts really does equate to healthier water, and for all intents we probably will never know. What we do know is that these ionizers seem to be working, and working well.

So I drew up a list of ionizer price comparisons, and there is a broad range. And I started to closely examine the least expensive. Because if I couldn't discern an advantage of one over another, then I might as well not spend extra money for features that I don't know will really pay off.

So that's what I did. I bought one of the least expensive ones that competed just as well against the more expensive models in testimonials and from what I'd learned through model comparisons.

I bought the KYK Genesis, and I've never looked back. Obviously, I'm more than happy with my choice - I made this web site just to tell people about it.

So what's my recommendation?

Stop reading Water Ionizer Reviews!

Not to be too harsh or anything... hehehe.

Do what I did, and run a trial with one of the less expensive yet most effective ones. You'll thank me.

If you want to do exactly what I did, get the KYK Genesis and never look back!

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