Why do we need cell phone jammers?

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The Laser Star is unusual to the US, but it is already created a name for itself in Europe as a reasonable, efficient method to block police speed trap lasers. These manifestations from Laser Jamming device Tests indicate why. No fewer than four police-issue laser detecting devices were fooled by the Laser Star without so much as a difficulty. Regardless of your opinions on this type of technology, it is still unbelievably good how the Audi S4 S-Line A4 in the videos is efficiently hidden to the laser detecting devices. And when you are not struggling the gentleman, Laser Star's sensors aid in parking the automobile too. In person, I can not wait to obtain it and recreate my most-liked Vin Diesel scenes from The Fast and the Furious.
Premium Speed verified out the parking sensors that are with Laser Star, and in a word they functioned ideally. The testing device was able to control automobiles and other things at roughly twenty feet, and after some tweaking received the system spying things within a few inches. Nice to know if you're avoiding the police and have to park in an alley hastily.
Lastly, some smart words from the test people themselves:
"Portable gps jammer are constructed to block police lasers, but they are not constructed for you to be stupid about it. If you are detected by an officer the ringtone in the automobile will warn. Relax, drop to the needed speed restrict, and then stop jamming device. Once you switch off the jamming device the police officer will instantly obtain a reading. He will then understand you are driving at the needed speed limit. No mistrust will be if you utilize a cell phone signal jammer properly. Never block an officer all the way to the gun. Slow down to the velocity limit, then switch off the jamming device."

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